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Covid-19 Update

To Our Current Patients and Our Local Community:

Discover Chiropractic Health Center is now OPEN Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm.

Chiropractic Physicians have been named “Essential Healthcare Providers” during this COVID-19 crisis and now that we have completed our “15 days to slow the spread”, we feel it is our duty to open once again and care for our patients. This will help ease the burden on primary care and emergency room clinics.

We are still taking all necessary precautions per the CDC guidelines. Our staff has their temperature checked prior to and at the end of the workday. We will be wearing masks and gloves, we are thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces after each patient, allowing extra time between patients and limiting the number of patients in our clinic at one time via the “parking lot waiting room” process.

When you arrive for your appointment, please call the office to let us know you are here and remain in your vehicle. We will call you or wave you in when the doctor is ready for you. We will be asking screening questions at the door and performing temperature checks of patients as well. You will then be asked to wash your hands immediately upon entering the office and after your adjustment.

Any patient who is sick, or has a family member that is sick, or has been in contact with someone who is sick is required to remain home in self-quarantine as recommended by the CDC.

We are staying open for two reasons: One, to continue to serve our current patients we know are in need; Two, to ease the burden on hospitals and urgent care facilities for visits related to musculoskeletal issues. These places could be overwhelmed with sick patients and in most cases, our office is able to manage musculoskeletal issues. If we feel further imaging or referral is necessary, we will do so. We need to allow our medical centers and hospitals to put all energy and resources into dealing with severe cases, primarily those who are showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

Again, we will be OPEN Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm.  

We are here for you; we feel honored to serve our community during this time.

Yours in health,

The entire Discover Chiropractic Health Care Team

Covid-19 Update | (815) 675-9355